Netivyah Messianic Synagogue

Jerusalem, Israel

Project: A Messianic Synagogue in an existing, 380 sq. m., pre-mandate era building in Jerusalem.
Vision: Tradition!
Program: Origional program called for a rooftop Synagogue yeilding a tortous-shell dome as shown in this conceptual rendering.

The program was later revised due to city restrictions to insert the assembly space on the ground floor and to remodel the intermediate floor to accomodate enlarged educational facilities and new offices. A library and a missions apartment were placed on an additional top floor. Structural reinforcment throughout.

Solution: The entire ground floor must be opened, including removing the supporting stairwell, in order to maximize the floorplan for a 300-seat Synagogue. The 2nd floor apartments are to be gutted and reconfigured for its new functions and to maximize the space potential.

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Project Plans

Ground Floor [PDF - 53.1KB] | First Floor [PDF - 41.2KB] | Second Floor [PDF - 33.6KB]
Roof [PDF - 21.2KB]

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