Congregation Givat David

Orthodox Synagogue

Sha’ari Tikvah, Israel

Project: An interior design to an existing concrete shell.
Location: In the Israeli settlement of Sha’ari Tikvah (Song of Hope) just over the green line from Kfar Saba.
Vision: The client wanted a traditional context for clean, contemporary lines.
Program: A 250-seat Sanctuary with a central Bimah.
Solution: A large central Bimah with an acoustic deflecting cone was to dominate the center of the space defined by the Women’s balcony. The “clean lines” are manifested by a wide, layered arch at the east end of the sanctuary, becoming the dramatic culmination of the room. The arch and inverted arch shapes invoke an “eye”, the center of which is the opening of the Ark where the Law of God is kept.

The exterior face of the Synagogue is faced with pink “Hebron” limestone that forms the shape of a menorah who’s central stalk houses the Ark. The upward-pointing triangular niche is to house an elongated Magen David.

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